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Bachelor’s degree studies

Management in Contemporary Business

This bachelor’s degree program was conceptualized according to current European standards, thus enabling comparison and compatibility of program and qualificationwith similar qualifications from other European countries. By the same token, this allows students to continue their studies at related academic institutions abroad.

The bachelor’s degree education lasts three years and offers a high quality background for those entering the fast- paced technological and global society and by doing so, it also matches the needs of employers for managers.

Within this program we have earned new accreditation recently, hence starting from 2015 students can choose among following four different modules:

  1. Business Management
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Organizational Security Management
  4. Management of Business Informatics

By mastering the program, graduates will be empowered to creatively apply acquired knowledge including the most complex projects within their profession. They will be capable to analytically approach any job or problem and to clearly convey their own ideas to co-workers as well as to take responsibility for their decisions.

In order to achieve bachelor’s degree diploma, it is required to pass twenty three exams and then to defend the final work.

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