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Information for foreign students


Students who have completed their secondary education or undergraduate studies in some foreign school or at university are required to submit their diplomas and relevant documentation to the authorized body for recognition in the Republic of Serbia in order to be able to continue their studies at Modern Business School.

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Applicants/students should get a short-term (entrance) visa prior to their arrival. Therefore, they are expected to extend their short-term visa when they arrive in Serbia and obtain a residential/study visa after the enrolment.

Modern Business School provides information and advice on applying for a visa and types of visas, regulation of temporary stay, and immigration responsibilities.

For further information regarding the visa and immigration requirements, you can visit the following links:

Once your application has been successfully approved you will receive an invitation letter from Modern Business School which will be used for immigration purposes.

Here you can download visa application form.


Health care and insurance are important segments during your stay in Serbia. It is crucial that you know the difference between the medical care system in your own country and the medical care system in the Republic of Serbia. Arranging and paying for medical care is your responsibility. The best way to meet this responsibility is to obtain comprehensive health insurance coverage to avoid excessive costs.

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