A word from the School President

cedomir-ljubojevicFirst of all I would like to welcome future students of Modern Business School.

We have to live in present namely from your satisfaction and success. In order to thrive and make you happy in the future too, we have to continually differentiate, excel and move forward each day. That is exactly what separate us from big and established higher education providers, since in order to survive, develop and grow, we can rely only on present achievements and we cannot capitalize on historic results and reputation. We need to materialize concepts promptly and offer real- time solutions. To make it happen, we learn passionately every day, and keep constantly to improvements. In that way, modern knowledge has become our key resource and our job is to deliver it to you, certainly, to your benefit too. We can approach problems as entrepreneurs do, in innovative and agile manner. We can use the same passion of making things independently and creatively. As a result, we teach in the same spirit, because that is who we are. This is about where our advantage coming from

In pursuance of providing the best information for you, we have formed well balanced team of experienced theoreticians and practitioners. They will teach you modern but proven ideas and tools.

Although it seems we are all on our own, we actually live in the world characterized by new forms of communication and collaboration, and co-creating values. That is why we are looking for your talent.

We see reality from this perspective and we want to coach you the same. We want to help you, to be successful in doing business and beyond. For us that is also to be independent and free. We believe that only together we can move ahead and create valuable output and experiences.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,

Cedomir Ljubojevic, PhD
President, Modern Business School Belgrade