Mission and vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best education and teaching in management and business, stemming from the leading edge theory, research and best practices, at any given moment. Because surveys show that ‘old’ way of learning and teaching based only on general theory is separated from actual application on the job, therefore we need to be innovative and change the way we learn and teach. Otherwise it would have taken years to fix the problem. To counterbalance mentioned skills crack, we stand for holistic approach to management, combined with practical training and developing acumen, creativity, communication, problem solving and digital skills.

By doing this way, we also foster global education in business and management and help bridging the gap between developed and emerging countries in the field of management theory and practice, and beyond.

As a result of our mission and its underlying core values, we believe, we increase our students’ employability and satisfaction. Subsequently, many of them take leaders’ position in their organizations. This in turn drives positive changes and transformation of our business environment and emerging societies to the more competitive position at the world stage.

Our mission is to promote diversity and international cooperation too. That is why we offer possibility of distance learning which makes studying more convenient and affordable.

Our Vision

In the future we want to develop ourselves to gain one of the leading position among providers of business and management higher education coming from the SEE region. Since we live in the world of constant change, growing complexity and volatility, we have to continually improve ourselves in order to be capable to transform others.

Therefore, we have to become leading learning organization and social hub for business and management knowledge and solutions in our environment and region. In order to make this happen, we have to keep to our core values, namely providing the latest knowledge, research and real time solutions. In short, we are looking for modernity, diversity and collaboration in the area of business, higher education, and beyond.