Why MBS?

Are you trying to find a college that is right for you? This is why MBS is the best choice.

It is not easy to make the right decision.
Is it better to enroll in a private or state college in Belgrade? What are the benefits of private management studies? What is the enrolment fee? Do you acquire practical knowledge? And, what are your job prospects after the graduation?

We will try to answer all your questions and facilitate the decision-making process. These are the information you need to consider when choosing a college.

  1. Easily accessible and interesting location

Modern Business School (MBS) is located in the city center, Terazije 27, and is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

       2. Undergraduate and Master Academic Studies

The diploma awarded by MBS is recognized in our country and abroad, because all our programs are in accordance with world standards. Due to that, you will be able to build your career wherever you want, without any problems.

        3. Relevant knowledge and practical business skills

Management studies at MBS enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge for the most desirable and top-paid leadership positions in companies, in the field of management, marketing, informatics, services.

        4. Small School, big advantages

MBS enrolls a total of 150 students. That is why the quality of teaching is at its highest level. Teaching takes place in small groups, we equally develop personal and team potential, professors are approachable and ready to help.

        5. Professional practice in well-known companies

Modern Business School provides its students with the opportunity to complete internship during and after studies. This will boost your CV and you will gain advantage over the candidates who have no work experience.

        6. FREE: Acquire additional knowledge and skills

During the studies at MBS you can attend additional courses, for free or with a minimal fee. You will also participate in various projects and marketing campaigns, and you will be paid for participation.

        7. Private studies are available to everyone

The choice of college should be based on personal preferences, not tuition fee. MBS has found several ways to reduce the financial burden of your studies, and it provides free education for the best students.

       8. Free teaching materials

The tuition fee includes free online materials for studying. In addition to that, you can use literature from our extensive library every day.

        9. Professors integrate theory and practice

Professors at MBS are acclaimed experts in their fields. They have built successful business and entrepreneurial careers. That is why they integrate theory and practice when teaching.

        10. Applying to college has never been easier

The entrance exam is NOT eliminatory. It is merely a way to assess the level of knowledge in sociology and general knowledge.