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Management in service business

Companies’ struggle to survive on the market is more uphill and cruel than ever. The key to success is a strong service sector, that is, a capable service management.

The “biggest players” are buyers, clients who decide on the future of a business. If the company meets their various demands – it will make a profit. It has won a battle, but the war for success on the market continues.

Be brave and fight for a good reputation of your company.

Modern Business School (MBS) enrolls 50 students in master academic studies, and enables them to acquire the necessary knowledge for top managers in the service business.

Become an excellent manager in the service business

Master study program Management in service business lasts for 2 years and students earn 120 ECTS. After the completion of the program, you acquire the academic title master manager. Teaching is in Serbian and English.

Master studies for managers in service business will enable you to gain a considerable knowledge on marketing, business and technologies that guarantees quality service. The aim is to enable you to become a successful manager in various companies in the service sector, shortly after you graduate, or continue doctoral studies in the country or abroad.

>> Learn more about the structure of master study program and employment opportunities.
Read more about the admission and required documents.

>> Read more about the admission and required documents.

Who can enroll in master academic studies management in service business?

Students who can continue their education on master academic studies are:

  • Candidates who completed three-year undergraduate academic study program, that is, gained 180 ECTS in the field of economy, business and management;

Students who can enroll in the second year of master academic studies are:

  • Candidates who completed the same or related four-year undergraduate academic studies, that is, gained 240 ECTS.

Other candidates, who do not meet the above mention requirements, can be enrolled in the first or second year of master studies, on the condition that they take supplemental exams stipulated by the School Statute.

Choose MBS – you will gain more than you invest!

  • Teaching takes place in small groups and professors are committed to every student
  • We are located in the city center (Terazije 27) and easily accessible from all parts of the city
  • Professors are approachable and available in person, by phone or mail, on weekdays and weekends
  • Free: online teaching materials, additional courses, extensive library
  • Professional practice during studies in domestic and foreign companies, participation in different marketing campaigns and projects
  • We help you find employment during and after studies

Contact us by phone: +381 11 4120 700, +381 63 353 366 or just FILL IN the application form.

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