About MBS

The history of Modern Business School

Modern Business School was founded in 2008 in Belgrade by Digifactum Academy from Vienna (Digifactum Akademie GmbH).

We knew that, in order to find a job, it is not enough to just finish college and let your diploma hang from a wall or be in a tube holder. This would mean that it did not fulfil its purpose and is nothing but a piece of paper.

We knew that we had to work differently – we do not educate ordinary students, but successful people who achieve incredible results, as they are armed with ambition and knowledge. The diploma awarded by MBS:

  • Is recognized everywhere in Europe.
  • Ensures the highest-paying management jobs.
  • Enables you to continue education at domestic and foreign universities.

Contemporary programs

Undergraduate and master academic management studies prepare students for top management positions. There are 3 modules on undergraduate academic studies:

Master academic studies focus on the specialization of the basic managerial knowledge through the program Management in Service Business.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff at Modern Business School are professors that have great ideas and valuable experience. They nurture a mentoring relationship with student and teaching takes place in small groups. That means that you are always in focus, so that you would be able to reach your full potential.

Professors are always available for help or consultations. They are not boring theorists, but people with remarkable business careers. Therefore, they will transfer knowledge gained from personal experience, not just books.

Learn more about our teaching staff.

Professional practice for students

MBS enables its students the opportunity to complete professional practice in renown companies, during and after studies. This is extremely significant, because it will give you the competitive advantage on the job market and separate you from the other candidates.

In addition to that, our best student have the opportunity to participate in different projects and marketing activities within the Project Development Center.

We will not let the post-study period be difficult for you. That is why we founded the Center for Career Guidance, with the aim to support and help our students in terms of career development, continuing education and employment.

Quality education should not be a luxury and a privilege

Quality education directly affects your successful future. So, don’t make wrong choices! Modern Business School is aware of the country’s economic situation and has found several ways to facilitate the tuition fee payment. Learn more on page Scholarships and discounts.

Enough about us. Now is your turn!

If you like our story and the idea to build a better future together, visit us at our address Terazije 27, Belgrade, or contact us by phone: +381 11 4120 700.

Ask everything you want to know. Now is the time to become a part of MBS’s elite group of students.