Basic information:

  • Students choose one of the modules on the third year of studies
  • Study program duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • ECTS: 180 credits
  • Academic title: manager
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The tuition fee includes:

  • Online teaching materials
  • Free courses
  • Extensive library
  • Professional practice
  • Participation in various projects

Informatics studies will help you develop your full potential and become a valuable IT manager.

Acquire professional knowledge that only top IT managers have.

Informatics studies offer a wide array of subjects, which enable you to learn the essence of professional discipline, that is essential in further career development, whether you decide to work in economy sector, banking, as a service provider or a consultant.

Studying at Modern Business School will also enable you to acquire an additional set of skills in the field of economy, business management, business principles and marketing, informational security and business.

Teaching at Modern Business School takes place in small groups, which facilitates and improves the learning process. That means that professors are fully committed to students thorough mentoring relationship, interactive teaching and exercises which simulate real-life situations.

Professors are approachable and accessible – in person, by mail or phone, during weekdays and weekends. Because, you and your education are of the utmost importance.

In addition to that, Modern Business School enables you to complete the professional practice during studies in renown companies and enroll in FREE courses to acquire additional skills.

We educate future top IT managers! Secure your future.

Where can you work after completing business informatics management studies?

IT manager runs the whole IT sector. So, you will be the expert in charge of everything. You will assess whether a particular investment is profitable, manage the costs and supervise the work of programmers, designers, marketing experts…

After you acquire a degree in IT management, you will be able to take a managerial role. The acquired knowledge and skills will prepare you to start a career as:

  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • IT consultant
  • A multimedia programmer
  • Network Engineer
  • System Analyzer
  • Web developer

Also, you will be able to develop your career and become a company partner, CEO, team manager…

Study program structure

First year

Obligatory subjects:

Economics Basics
Principles of Management
Management Accounting
Еnglish Language 1
Business Law
Principles of Marketing
English Language 2

Elective subjects 1:

EU Environment
Entrepreneurship Economy

Second year

Obligatory subjects:

Financial Management
Quantitative methods for business
English language 3
Business Informatics
Business Statistics
Еnglish language 4

Elective subjects 2:

Public Sector Management
Quality Management

Elective subjects 3:

Investment Management
Organizational Behavior

Third year

Obligatory subjects:

Strategic Management
Service Management and Marketing
Management Information Systems
Programming and programming languages
Project Management

Elective subjects 4:

Knowledge Management
Information and Data Security

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