Management in service business

Basic information

  • Study program duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
  • ECTS: 120 credits
  • Academic title: Master manager

The tuition fee includes:

  • Online teaching materials
  • Free courses
  • Extensive library
  • Professional practice
  • Participation in various projects

World economy = services. Business activities of more than 70% of companies and organizations worldwide are based on services. Because, services generate the biggest profit. Due to that, they are the main „culprits“ for the success/failure of a good company positioning on the market.

Modern Business School (MBS) created an innovative master study program Management in Service Business in order to meet the growing demand for efficient service managers in domestic and foreign market.

Innovate your knowledge – acquire unique service management skills!

Master academic studies management in service business will enable you to understand different aspects and models of modern service management. Today – knowledge dominates, information rule, and traditional business practice goes down in history. If you do not adapt to dynamic market changes – you will disappear. This refers to both companies and its managers.

This is why this program offers contemporary knowledge in the field of management, marketing, corporative management, finance and e-business, which will help you become a top service manager.

Move mountains of global market! Successfully manage the most demanding business sector.

After the completion of master academic studies Management in service business, you will be able to:

  • Understand and predict the behavior of consumers in modern service economy
  • Apply modern principles of human resource management in services
  • Plan, organize, manage, and control international business processes
  • Manage different service organizations: transport, tourism, financial, educational, research, sports…
  • Apply e-business strategies in service business
  • Analyze service processes and systems, and quickly recognize all challenges of global service management
  • Actively use information technologies for creating extraordinary services and values for users
  • Achieve competitive advantage with the development of strong business strategies
Study program structure

First year

Obligatory subjects:

Scientific methods of Research
Strategic Marketing and Management in Services
Human Resources Management in Services
Corporate Finance

Elective subject 1:

Business English Language 1
Business German Language 1

Elective subjects 2:

Business English Language 2
Business German Language 2

Elective subjects 3:

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Security

Second year

Obligatory subjects:

Competitiveness and Service Quality
Innovation Management in Services

Elective subjects 4:

Traffic Management
Tourism and Sustainable Development

Elective subjects 5:

Management and Marketing in Sports
Expert Systems and Decision Making

Business management in the service sector – a challenging, dynamic and well-paid job

The aim of master program management in service business is acquiring skills that will enable you to work in a broad spectrum of services and understand the language of business, technology and social change.

You will be able to work in different companies:

  • Small and medium-size companies
  • Public administrative bodies and state bodies, both at the local and state level
  • Financial institutions
  • Transport, tourism, trade and sports organizations
  • Research and educational institutions

In order to ensure you future quality work and quick adaptation in a company, we give you the opportunity to complete professional practice during studies in renown domestic companies, but also acquire additional knowledge and skills during FREE courses.

Modern Business School (MBS) enrolls 50 students in master academic studies management in service business.

We guarantee high quality of teaching and our diploma is recognized in Europe. Become a part of the elite group of managers, without any financial burden. Find out all the necessary information regarding the tuition fee payment on the page >> Scholarships and discounts.

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