Center for Career Guidance and Counseling

Center for Career Guidance aims at providing a continuous support to MBS’s students in terms of career development, continuation of education and employment.

Center for Career Guidance has two primary objectives:

  1. To form a database of MBS’s current and former students, in order to facilitate and accelerate the process of their employment or internship, based on their education and affinity.
  2. To help business subjects find quality and competent candidates for open positions.
Centar za karijerno vođenje

Primary activities of the Center for Career Guidance and Counseling:

  1. Providing information regarding the possibility of gaining work experience during studies – through professional practice, volunteering and participation in projects
  2. Providing support in further education and training, courses, workshops.
  3. Helping students write CV and prepare for an interview
  4. Cooperating with employers and organizing company presentations
  5. Providing information regarding job and internship opportunities in the country and abroad.

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