Project Development Center

Project Development Center’s activities aim to define and organize special educational programs. The Center’s team consists of experts, professors and external associates of Modern Business School (MBS), who invest their knowledge, expertise, energy and creativity to create a new value for MBS and its clients.

Our students have the opportunity to attend special educational programs, such as seminars and courses, at reduced prices. The Project Development Center has organized over 10 such programs, among which are: seminars on business planning, project management, and seminars for learning business English.

Therefore, in addition to academic knowledge, MBS provides additional skills and knowledge to its students, which will help them grow their personality, gain more business confidence and become the new generation of leaders.

Centar za razvoj projekata

Ime of the Center’s projects are:

  • “City branding – how to build a city brand”
  • “How to make organizational culture the generator of organization development”
  • “How to plan and develop a sustainable agricultural holding”
  • “How to plan and develop a small family business”

Find out more about Project Development Center: Center's Site

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