Basic information:

  • Students choose one of the modules on the third year of studies
  • Study program duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
  • ECTS: 180 credits
  • Academic title: manager
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The tuition fee includes:

  • Online teaching materials
  • Free courses
  • Extensive library
  • Professional practice
  • Participation in various projects

Undergraduate academic studies of organizational security management give you the skills and knowledge that will make you a part of the elite group of organizational security managers.

These academic studies are intended only for ambitious people like yourself, those who want to turn their specific and rare talents into a successful career in organizational security management. We know that you are a reliable person, ready to make important decisions and predict and prevent all possible security threats to a company.

This is why organizational security management studies are the right choice for you.

You have the talent, we will help you grow it.

Organizational security studies – take bold decisions

Organizational security studies:

  • Innovative teaching
  • Mentoring relationship
  • Practical knowledge
  • Teaching takes place in small groups

Undergraduate academic studies Organizational security management give you valuable necessary knowledge in the field of corporate security, legal aspects, communication skills, accounting and management. That will enable you to notice a possible oversight at any level of corporate management.

Modern Business School enables you to complete a professional practice during studies in renown Serbian companies and enroll in FREE courses to acquire additional skills.

Study program structure

First year

Obligatory subjects:

Economics Basics
Principles of Management
Management Accounting
Еnglish Language 1
Business Law
Principles of Marketing
English Language 2

Elective subjects 1:

EU Environment
Entrepreneurship Economy

Second year

Obligatory subjects:

Financial Management
Quantitative methods for business
English language 3
Business Informatics
Business Statistics
Еnglish language 4

Elective subjects 2:

Public Sector Management
Quality Management

Elective subjects 3:

Investment Management
Organizational Behavior

Third year

Obligatory subjects:

Strategic Management
Service Management and Marketing
Security Management
Legal Aspects of Security
Corporate Security Basics
Business Diplomacy and Global Management

Elective subjects 4:

Human Resource Management
Information and Data Security

We provide quality education. Secure a successful career!

Where can you work as an organizational security manager?

You will be the person who makes the most important business decisions and has a key role in preventing information leakage, stealing business secrets, making security assessments, and you will set up the organizational security system.

After completing organizational security studies, you will be able to choose where you want to work. Since jobs of organizational security managers are in demand, the choice is yours:

  • Domestic and international corporations
  • Non-governmental sector
  • Ministry and governmental sector
  • Health care institutions
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Companies and security institutions

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