Scholarships and discounts

Excellent knowledge available to everyone.

Tuition fee includes:

  1. Teaching takes place in small groups and professors are committed to every student
  2. We are located in the city center (Terazije 27) and easily accessible from all parts of the city
  3. Professors are approachable and available in person, by phone or mail, on weekdays and weekends
  4. Free: online teaching materials materials, additional courses, extensive library
  5. Professional practice during studies in domestic and foreign companies, participation in different marketing campaigns and projects
  6. We help you find employment during and after studies

Take advantage of the tuition fee discount for undergraduate and master studies

Although quality is costly, we know that an excellent education is necessary for a successful career, and believe that it should be available to everyone. We have provided scholarships and tuition fee discounts, so that every student can build a successful career.

Students can pay the tuition fee in 10 installments, and also get a discount if paying the full tuition fee during enrolment.

The discount for paying the full tuition fee during enrolment:

For one academic year 5% discount
For two or three academic years 10% discount

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