Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
about Modern Business School (MBS) studies

Here you can find answers to all potential questions and doubts you might have regarding Modern Business School studies.

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions regarding the admission and studies, but if you have any additional questions feel free to contact us on the phone number +381 11/4120 700 or by email

What are the modules on undergraduate academic studies?

Are there master studies at MBS?

After the completion of undergraduate studies, you can enroll in master academic studies of >> Management in service business

Are studies applied or academic?

Studies at MBS are academic.

What is the academic title that you acquire after the graduation?

After completing undergraduate academic studies you acquire the title Manager, and after master academic studies Master manager.

What is the duration of studies and how many credits do you acquire?

Undergraduate studies last for 3 years and you acquire 180 ECTS.
Master studies last for 2 years and you acquire 120 ECTS.

How can the tuition fee be paid?

Different kinds of discounts on tuition are available to students.
All the necessary information can be found on the website page >> scholarships and discounts.

What is included in the tuition fee?

The tuition fee includes:

– online materials for studying
– additional courses
– extensive library
– professional practice in companies
– participation in various projects.

Is the degree awarded by MBS recognized abroad?

Yes. After you finish undergraduate or master academic studies, you can get a job or continue your education anywhere in Europe.

What are the requirements for the entrance examination for undergraduate studies?

The entrance exam is not eliminatory, but meant to determine the students’ current level of knowledge. The test will include questions in sociology and general knowledge.

What is the procedure for enrollment in master studies?

All students with a degree in related or same undergraduate studies (economics, business, management) can enroll in master studies at MBS. Students who do not have a degree in related undergraduate studies can also be enrolled, after they have passed the supplemental exams stipulated by the Statute of Modern Business School.

How many students can be enrolled in undergraduate and master academic studies?

MBS guarantees the quality of teaching to its students. Therefore, we enroll 150 students in
undergraduate studies, and 50 students in master studies.

What documents are necessary for application and enrollment in undergraduate and master studies?

All the necessary information regarding the application and enrollment can be found on the
website page Admission step by step.

Is professional practice available to students during studies?

In order to acquire knowledge, students cannot focus only on theory. Therefore, internship in
acclaimed domestic and foreign companies is available to our students. You can read more about this >> here.

Do MBS students have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills, in addition to compulsory subjects?

All MBS students can attend additional educational programs according to their choice and interests, free of charge or at affordable prices. These programs are in different fields, such as IT, business, finance.

Can MBS help its students find jobs?

MBS established the Career Guidance Center to facilitate and accelerate the process of
employment, by recommending our students to employers. The Center also provides ongoing
support to students, not only in terms of career development, but also when it comes to
continuing education.

Who are professors at MBS?

Teachers and associates are acknowledged experts in their fields. They are professionals,
pedagogues, and are dedicated to every student. You can read more about the teaching staff >> here.

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