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Project Development Center- Applied knowledge and skills

The Project Development Center, in formal sense, is organizational part of Modern Business School (MBS). In its essence, that is team formed both internally from MBS staff, and externally from outsourced experts. The team members employ all their expertise and energy to satisfyclients needs and to add value to them, and consequently to the MBS too.

The Project Development Center activities are focused on two major domains:

  1. Special educational programs
  2. Projects design and realization.

Special educational programs

These programs include professional development courses and training seminars, as well as personal development and soft skills program. They are intended primarily for our students who can attend them at a greatly reduced prices. During last several years we realized more than twenty special training programs which were followed by more than 500 participates.

Hence, beside academic knowledge, MBS Belgrade offers to its students and general public, additional skills and competencies which will help them to achieve personal growth and confidence, and to change themselves into new generation of leaders.

Projects represent opportunity to apply theory in practice; that is to engage in solving concrete problems in doing business for companies and local municipalities. In this way, we make connections with our business community which at the same time enable our students to benefit from taking part in projects realizations and gaining direct insight and experience in team working.

Over the previous period we have realized several projects aiming to analyze companies and make financial diagnosis. In addition, more recently, The Center has been engaged in enterprises valuations too. In our opinion, we offer particularly interesting project named „City branding – How to build city brand“- to local municipalities. So far, this project has attracted great deal of attention from academic and general public.

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