We believe that you will achieve great things!

Therefore, we provide the best knowledge and the most sought job skills

Modern Business School (MBS) was founded in 2008.

We knew that in life it is not enough to become a student, to complete a college and then to look for employment unsuccessfully for years, while your diploma is hanging on the wall or is carefully kept in the holster, and represents merely a piece of paper because it failed to meet its target.

We knew that we need to work differently - we do not educate ordinary students, but successful people, who can, armed with ambition and advanced knowledge, achieve remarkable business success. Degree awarded by MBS is:

  • Recognized worldwide
  • Opens the door to highest paid management positions
  • Allows continuation of education at all universities in Serbia and abroad.

The quality is a priority – and here is how we acheive it

Contemporary programs

Through accredited undergraduate and master academic studies of management, we provide students with education and training for top management jobs.

Basically, studies are divided into 4 modules:

While the master academic studies are focused on innovation and upgrading of basic managerial skills through the program Management in the service business.

Teaching is both in Serbian and in English.

After completing undergraduate and master academic studies, students acquire 300 ECTS and a title of a Master Managers, ready to continue doctoral studies or to take responsible leadership positions in companies worldwide.

For those who want to acquire additional business knowledge and skills, MBS has provided various courses. Most of which completely free and some for a small fee.

Our teachers do not teach, but they transfer knowledge

The classes are organized to the best possible way! Our professors have great ideas, experience, and understanding. Working with small groups, teachers develop a mentoring relationship with students. This means that you are always in the spotlight and it is important to develop your potential to the maximum. That is why they are always available for help and advice.

College lecturers are not just annoying theorists, but people who have achieved outstanding business careers. Therefore, the knowledge is transferred directly from experience.

What will make you stand out is practice

The internship at acclaimed companies is available to all MBS students, during and after the studies. This is very important, because in the future, when you go looking for a job, what will stand out from other candidates – practical experience.

In addition, under the auspices of the Projects Development Center, the best students get the opportunity to participate in various projects and marketing activities and to be paid for that.

After completing studies, instead of difficulties, you will have a period when to move on. That is why we launched the Career Guidance Center, in order to be supportive in terms of career development, continuing education and employment.

High quality education should not be a luxury and a privilege

For high quality education has a direct impact on successful future. Therefore, do not make the wrong choices!

Modern Business School, aware of the economic situation in the country, has designed a number of ways to make management studies less a financial burden. To find more information please see tuition and scholarships page.

We reward the top students for their efforts - for the best students MBS provides scholarships and assists in finding a job. In an effort to make this society better, every school year we enable members of socially vulnerable groups to exercise their right to education and a good life - for free.

Enough about us. And now it is your turn.

If you liked our story, the idea that we can build a better future together, visit us at the school facilities (Terazije 27) or contact us at 011 / 4120-700. Ask everything you want to know and bear in mind that it is always a good time to become part of the student elite MBS.