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Master Academic Studies

Management in Service Business

Master Academic StudiesAfter successful finalization of bachelor’s studies students are eligible to enroll graduate or master’s studies. Master’s studies of Management in Service Business enable students to successfully study service organizations, their management and related external business environment, and in that way to get essential insight into management and business field.

By completing graduate/ master’s studies, students are capable to comprehend specificity of different service organizations, and to manage them. Besides, they are eligible to continue their education at doctoral studies in domain of management and business.

According to plan and program, these studies last two years, where students are required to pass twelve exams: eight in the first and four in the second year of studies.

The structure of the study program


First year

Obligatory subjects:

  • Scientific methods of Research
  • Strategic Marketing and Management in Services
  • Human Resources Management in Services
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Finance

Elective subject 1:

  • Business English Language 1
  • Business German Language 1

Elective subjects 2:

  • Business English Language 2
  • Business German Language 2

Elective subjects 3:

  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Security



Second year

Obligatory subjects:

  • Competitiveness and Service Quality
  • Innovation Management in Services

Elective subjects 4:

  • Traffic Management
  • Tourism and Sustainable Development

Elective subjects 5:

  • Management and Marketing in Sports
  • Expert Systems and Decision Making